Management Team
Paulo Mirpuri


Chief Executive Officer

Paulo Mirpuri has been a member of the MESA’s Senior Management Team since 2005, leading the company to its present status of first-rate aircraft line maintenance provider based in Portugal, EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organization, approved under Portuguese Authorities. Born in Lisbon, Paulo Mercuri graduated from UNL University in 1990, and dedicated the following 25 years to work in the aviation industry, leading successful projects in the field of business aviation, airlines and industry wide support services such as Airport Management, Aircraft Handling, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Trading and Inflight Catering, covering the full supply chain.

Relevant projects in his career include the highly successful NetJets Europe, where Paulo Mirpuri invested as a founder partner and took the role as President in its operating arm between 1996 and 2005, expanding the fleet from 3 to 120 business jets over the first ten years of operation.

In the field of Business Aviation, Paulo Mirpuri also invested in building, operating and developing, under his executive management, several Business Aviation Centers and FBO’s in Paris Le Bourget (present Signature Flight Support), Macau in China (Macau Business Aviation Center), Cape Verde and in all major airports in Portugal (in this last case, already under the brand of Safeport). He also invested in commercial aviation, leading the now defunct Air Luxor throw its growth phase, until it became, in 2004, the largest private airline in Portugal. He stepped down from the board and left the airline when it was sold in 2006.

Paulo Mirpuri was appointed CEO and Chairman of MESA in 2005. He also became since then President of Hi Fly (Airline), Safeport (Aircraft Handling) and LSKY (Inflight Catering). Under his management, this group of companies has experienced a successful growth and profitability, operating worldwide.

In addition, Paulo Mirpuri is Chairman at Mirpuri Foundation, a non-profit organisation he set up with the aim of sparking positive change in the world. Mirpuri Foundation supports specific projects within the fields of Aerospace, Medical Research, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation and Social Responsibility.

Besides his extensive business management experience, acquired throughout almost three decades, Paulo Mirpuri is a medical doctor, an Airbus qualified airline pilot and a qualified Skipper. His favorite sports are sailing, golf, tennis and horse riding.