Luanda and Morocco are the most recent maintenance stations to support the growing operations of our airline customers.

Mesa, which has several maintenance stations worldwide to support the growing operations of its airline customers, providing temporary line and base maintenance services, has recently opened two new spots: Luanda, Angola, and Casablanca, Morroco.

When airlines require extended presence in a foreign country due to long-duration operations, usually over 40 days, Mesa takes the initiative to request the opening of a Maintenance Station in that specific country. This approach demonstrates Mesa’s dedication to customer satisfaction and showcases its compliance with local regulations laid out by the respective Civil Aviation Authorities.

These Maintenance Stations are strategically located to serve airlines with immediate maintenance needs while operating abroad and count on Mesa’s highly trained technicians. This setup enables airlines to maintain the safety and efficiency of their aircraft, even during extended stays in foreign countries.

As the aviation sector expands, reliable and adaptable maintenance solutions are increasingly crucial. Mesa’s Maintenance Stations have already been set up in numerous countries across the globe, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Anchorage, Cape Town, Brisbane, Santiago de Chile, and Hanoi, among others, enabling airlines to undertake extended operations confidently while receiving top-notch maintenance support.

The success of Mesa’s Maintenance Stations highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and proactive approach to addressing the aviation industry’s dynamic needs.